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Building Successful Businesses Since 2005

Our team is made up of highly trained professionals with upward of 10-15 years’ experience in the aviation industry. Our team of experts is accredited by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as Licensed Aircraft Dispatchers or Flight Operations Officers

Our Services

Over-Flight Clearance and Landing Permits for all types of flight

To enable overflight and landing of intended territories permissions are required. We have established contacts and impeccable relationships with Civil Aviation Authorities in Ghana and many countries in the world in order to ease and swiftly obtain important permits. We can obtain landing permits in less than 24 hours for overflight and ambulance flights. Flight supervision and other airport formalities are done with some professional touch to avoid delays. We can offer one month block clearance and diplomatic permits requirement through our team of experts.

Flight Planning

We provide an optimum flight planning software package used by industry leaders in order to generate exact, perfect and brief flight planning data for executive jets. Our hallmark is on the precision of our data and provide a customized aircraft model complete with accurate fuel burn and flight parameters unique to the operators aircraft. As an important part of any pre-flight preparation are correct weather briefings. We provide a full customized package of weather information. This includes the following data;

  • Surface Wx Analysis
  • Flight Level Winds (Graphical and Text)
Flight Following

An important part of any flight support services is to be able to keep our clients informed of where their aircraft is, we provide flight watch services that include reporting departure, estimated arrival and actual arrival times to anyone in your organisation who requires them.

Handling Arrangement

For private jet travel Global Flight Clearances believes it is important to pay special attention to ground handling as well as in flight arrangements.. At Global Flight Clearances, we have invested time, effort and energy reviewing our list of handling agents so that your passengers can receive the best service upon arrival and departure from any airport.

Crew Transport/Hotel Reservation

When our clients (crew) require any form of transportation or hotel when they arrive at their destination Global Flight Clearances will be happy to handle all request arrangements. From our list of preferred vendors we can meet the exact client requirements for both transportation and accommodation Flight Planning- ATC Flight Plan and Met Services, Fueling Assistance;

Executive Jet Charters

Global Flight Clearances has been specializing in arranging private jets from a third party for the corporate market. We are also exclusive in meeting the deadline for the clients with respect to the charter arrangement.

Airline Representation

We take responsibility for settlement of en-route NAVIGATION CHARGES on behalf of our clients as a CAA requirement for procurement of landing permits. We can obtain BLOCK OVERFLIGHT PERMIT for Ghana, some other African countries and worldwide. We have a large network of agents and CAAs, and are able to obtain overflight/landing permits as well as arrange ground handling in Ghana and worldwide.

We are available 24/7, so send your flight requests by e-mail and alert us on mobile phones if your flight requires very urgent attention especially in the case of ambulance flights. On our client list are highly reputable world cargo airlines, pax airlines, ambulance airlines, corporate/VIP airlines and numerous other ground handling agents/flight support services companies around the world, who rely on our highly professional services to fulfill their clients’ desires.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Currently We work with many clients who are industry leaders including, but not limited to the following: Gama (Aiteo) Aviation, Medair Charters, South Africa; South African Breweries, Aberdair Ghana Ltd, Skyjet Abuja, Aerocorporate Abidjan, Falcon Air South Africa, Aviation Services International USA, International Flight Clearances South Africa, Golden Wings Aviation South Africa Asteri Capital, Prime Air, Executive Jet Services

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We are available 24/7, so send your flight requests by e-mail and alert us on mobile phones if your flight requires very urgent attention especially in the case of ambulance flights.

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